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Who is Blu Bul?

From one hobbyist to another

Blu Bul came about as my Star Wars name in Elementary School through some “what is my
Star Wars name” quiz. And it has stuck around for over 20 years mostly as a gaming handle.
As a collector of many things ‘Star Wars’, from Legos, to Tabletop Games and more, it was

only a matter of time before I got into combat lightsabers.

Well in 2020 that time came, and I decided the part I enjoy most is customizing sabers.
Both doing it myself and watching my friends and family enjoy building one. A
mini Savi's Workshop experience. Kyberlight Sabers were my first set of sabers. And
while they are very nice sabers, they have a number of well documented drawbacks. As
such I started looking for a second option. And that is when I came across the LGT

Saberstudio Variable Hilt Components (VHC) system.

VHC seemed like what I was looking for except being able to purchase the individual
components was still pretty new. Only a few resellers had just parts you could buy and they
were mostly either very limited in options or expensive or both. So I decided to turn my hobby into a business. Now I ship across the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the UK.

With this business, my first goal is always to provide amazing customer service. So if you're interested in the biggest selection of VHC parts at great prices, get them while I am in your parsec.


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